Do Trigger Clauses Deliver?

Yes they do!  They can be a phrase in an email that may specify a given date or event, that when occurs, will cause a mailing to be automatically sent.

Triggered mailings are used in conjunction with some action performed by an email recipient such as a visit to a website or a purchase. At the time the specific action is performed, such as a purchase of (i.e.) a green hat on a Haberdashery website, this action triggers a specific email that is then sent to that recipient such as Thank you for purchasing our Green Hat.  Triggers can also be dates such as a birthday, the date they joined or list and so forth.

Triggered mailings run on a schedule.  Normally, this is once per day, but could be as often as once per hour, or as infrequently as every month or so. You specify the exact time of day when it runs.

Each time the triggered mailing runs, it works the same way as any other mailing to a segment. It first calculates which members meet the criteria specified in the segment, and then sends them the mailing. What is special about triggered mailings is that they have a special type of segment called a triggered segment or trigger for short. A key part of a triggered segment is the trigger clause.

This determines who should receive the mailing right now.

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