Discussion Group Features

The features here are used for setting discussion group list features where list members respond back and forth to each other’s messages.


The settings available here are:

  • Specify how the message looks: whether or not to add the list’s name to the Subject: line, or whether postings can be anonymous
  • Specify message wrapping for digests.
  • Specify posting security: who can write to the list, and who can see the list of members.

Specify automatic reasons to reject messages.

message look

Under the “Message Look” you can set it to display a subject line or leave it untouched. You can also set a header and footer text that will appear at the beginning and end of every digest email.

menu message look

Under the “Security” interface you can set it for members only or set it to be open so anyone can post. For viewing the member listing you have the option of setting it for only admins, members only or anyone.


Message Rejection Rules:

Under the “Message Rejection Rules” tab there are three different tabs you can configure
the settings for.

The “Blanks” tab will allow you to set the subject as a blank and the body area as a blank.

rejection rules

Under the “Same Message Rule”

You can check mark it if you will allow duplicate postings or cross-postings. In the drop down you can select to have cross-postings removed.

same message rule


Under this tab you can set a “Max quoting, daily message limit or how many posts per member.