Creating Custom Report Charts in Lyris ListManager™


 Creating Custom Report Charts in Lyris ListManager™

Lyris ListManager offers a wide variety of charts to choose from. However, if there is a particular chart that you would like to view that is not included as a default chart, you may create the chart you need in Reports-Custom Charts.

Custom charts allow you to:

  • Select the type of chart you want – pie chart, bar chart, line chart, high/low, etc.
  • Select the metrics you’d like to combine – opens as compared to purchases over time.
  • Specify the start and stop date for each metric and for the chart as a whole.
  • Specify how you’d like to group data—by time interval or by percentage of the data.
  • Determine chart labels and background color.

Custom charts are displayed in the Reports: All Reports: Custom Charts

custom charts button

In the window for “Reports: Charts” click on “Create New Chart”

create new chart button

In the window for “Charts: New” give the chart a description and title also choose the type of chart you need from the drop down.

chart type drop down options

Metrics to chart:

You will also need to select and add a “Metrics” to the chart for showing what statistics should be included. In the “Metrics” tab review the list and select the option that best suits the purpose of your new custom report chart.

add metric screen

In the “Advanced tab you can:

  • Set Label for the Y axis – (this is the chart name).
  • Change Background Color – (The standard background color is white. If you would like to change the color you will need to use Integer color numbers. Valid numbers are from 0 to 255.
  • Associate with a list.
  • See Date Created.
  • See Date Last Modified.

For the other two tabs of “Chart and Table” they will be blank until the chart is created.

chart advanced tab


Chart Tab:

Once the chart has been created and saved, when viewed in the “Chart” tab, it will look similar to the one below.

chart tab


Table Tab:

The “Table” tab will look something like the following after you have created your new chart.

Table view

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