Creating an Outlook CSV file

If you have email addresses stored in Outlook you can create a CSV file to import into your Lyris ListManager™.

Note: Since Lyris™ is an opt-in ListManager™ you need to get permission from the email owner before adding the address to your list.

Open Outlook then go to File -Import and Export.

import and export

In the box for “Import-Export select “Export to a file” then click “Next”.

export to a file

In the “Export to a File” select “Comma Separated Values (Windows)” then click “Next”.

csv format

Now you will see a list of your folders and files in Outlook. Click and highlight the contacts
folder, then click next.


In the next window click browse.

browse button

Browse your Desktop, create a new folder and name it Outlook CSV then click OK.

new folder

Once you have clicked on OK, OutlookCSV folder should appear in “Save in” at the top of the window. Be sure to use a distinctive name for the “File name”, we have use outlook contacts. Now make sure Comma Separated Values (Windows) appears in the “Save as Type”. If everything has been filled in click OK.

format type

The next window will show a box for exporting your file. Click “Next”.

next button

You will get a window showing that you are going to export your “Contacts” folder. Click finish.

finish button

Your Outlook CSV file should now be in your folder. Before you can upload it to your Lyris ListManager™you will need to edit the CSV file and remove any additional columns and make sure your column headings are in the required format that Lyris™ can read. To edit your CSV file please review this tutorial for creating a CSV file.