Creating a Hello Letter For New Subscribers

When a new subscriber joins you can create a hello document that will automatically send to them.

In this document you can put info about your list, Admin info and unsubscribe info.

In the navigation tab click on “Utilities” and go to “Automated Messages. In the menu that comes out click on “Document Content”.

document content

In the drop down menu select “List Documents”

list documents

Once the window opens you have two options. We are going to select “Create From Template”

create from template

You now need to choose the “template-list-hello” from the drop down menu.

list hello document

When the “template-list-hello” is displayed you will see text that is coded for the “Hello Letter”. Click OK

click ok

Once you click on OK you will be taken to the “Content Create” screen when you can give it a name like Hello Letter or Welcome Letter.


Clicking on the HTML Message tab will allow you to add additional information that you would like your new subscribers to know about your list. For example who the admins are? Once you have all your information completed for your welcome letter you can now save.