The Lyris ListManager™ Interface

Before sending a mailing out you need to first create your content. This is much like writing a report. To begin creating your content click on the “Content” button and go to “New Content”.

new content button

New Content Tabs:


After clicking on “New Content” you will get a new window like below. The first tab is the “Essentials” tab. Here you give your message content a name and description. The “From” address will have your email. The “To:” box will display “%%nameemail%%. This code will then insert the member’s email that is in your subscribers. You also need a “Subject” title.

create new content screen

HTML Message:

The next tab is the “HTML Message” tab. Here you can design and create your content using the icons in the HTML editor. You have “Font, Background, Text and Table” icons. As you create your content you can click on the “Preview” button to see how your content will be displayed.

html message editor


The “Images” tab is where you can manage your images. There is a manage “Image Library” on the right. Clicking on the “Manage Library” will open a new window that will allow you to add images by inserting a URL of an image you have previously uploaded to your website.

image library button

 Remote Images:

Click on the “Remote Image” button to add URL of your image location.

include remote image button

Add Image URL

Type in or paste the URL location of your image. It normally will be something similar to “” where is the name of your website.

add an image url field

Text Message:

The “Text Message” tab is for plain text messages. Some people do not have HTML capabilities
and can not see images or HTML. Providing plain text here your subscribers can still read your content.

new content text message field


The “Advanced” tab allows you to configure your content for additional options like:

  • Attachments: You can browse and search for a file like a PDF to attach to your email newsletter.

  • Additional Headers: that describes who the message is from, who it is addressed to, how the message should be displayed.

  • Join Other Tables: This option would allow you to access data in other tables in your database like your “Demographics” you created for your members.

new content advanced tab


This tab allows you to create content in an alternate character. This requires that you have that character set installed on your system and that you have a means of editing or entering your message in that character set.

internalization tab

Once you have gone through all the tabs you can now save for testing or create a new mailing to send to your subscribers.

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