Creating Templates

Standardize the appearance of your mailings or newsletter. Its’ easy to create, save and re-use a template.

On the left hand Lyris™ menu in the dashboard select “Content” then select “View Templates” Then on the upper right corner of the screen, select the button that reads “Create New Template.” If you like to use a pre-made template code you can copy this (Sample Template Code) for pasting and setting editable regions in a ListManager™ template as you follow along with the tutorial.

Create a new Template:

create new template button

Under the “Create New Template” screen, you will see several tabs: select the Essentials tab, give your template a name and description to describe your template. Fill in the information for the “From” address and the “Subject” line.

essentials tab

Select the “HTML Message” tab. Create your template using the built-in HTML editor or optionally pasting in custom HTML code. If you are pasting in custom HTML click on the “Source” button to paste in your custom code. 


After you have pasted your custom template code click the “Source” button again. You will then see your template that you can begin to set the “Editable Regions.”

html tab editor

After you completed adding your HTML code you can now select the “Specify Editable Regions” tab. By hovering over the different sections they will turn “Red” you can then click to make that area an editable region.

specify editable regions

Occasionally you might need an area to be editable and it will not highlight. To correct this click back to the “HTML Message” tab. Click the area you need to be editable. You should see it selected with a light line and boxes as seen in screen shot below. Then Under the “Format” tab scroll down to the bottom and choose “Normal (DIV)”.

new screenshot

Once you have clicked on “Normal (DIV) that will set the area to allow you to make it an editable region. Go back to the “Specify Editable Regions” tab and hover over the area again. It should now highlight allowing you to set it to be editable.

editable text

When an area in your template has been made editable it will turn a different color as seen in the screen shot below.

green editable regions

You will need to click on the “Text Message” tab to add text or you will get an error message like below. Click “Go Back”.

save screen

Under the “Text Message” click the button on the lower right “HTML to Text”. This will convert everything to text. NOTE: Once your newsletter is completed be sure to Remove this original text and click on the “HTML to Text” again as this will convert your completed newsletter to text so your subscribers who have HTML turned off can still read your newsletter.

text message tab

Now click on “Save” to save your template, using the save button in the lower right corner.


When you receive the message that indicates the current properties of your template select OK.

save confirmation

Making new content with a template:

To use your custom template for current or future mailings go to Content-View Templates. Select “Your  Templates”. On the right click on “Create Content”.

create content link

Once you click on “Create Content” you will get a window like below that you can begin to create a newsletter using your custom template.

essentials tab new content