Creating a New Mailing To Be Sent To Your List

In the left Navigation bar, click Mailings, and then click New Mailing.

create a new mailing menu

The New Mailing Window will open:

new mailing window

What You Can Edit:

  • Edit the Mailing Name field. This name is not seen by message recipients, so label the mailing in a way that will help you to identify it later. 70 characters are allowed in the Mailing Name field.
  • Edit the From: field. By default, your email address will appear there.
  • Edit the To: field. By default, the To: field is set to %%nameemail%%, which will merge the name and email address of the recipient.
  • Enter the Subject: of the message. Recipients will see this line as the subject of the message they receive.
  • Enter the Text Message and/or HTML Message you’d like to send by using the tools in the HTML message tool bar.

You may create just a text or HTML email and that is what will be sent to your recipients. Or, you can create both, and send a message that has both text and HTML. This format is called multipart-alternative, and Lyris ListManager™ will create the correct headers and boundaries automatically. Recipients who can see HTML will only see your HTML message; those who can’t, will see the text.

Click Preview to see what your message will look like in the interface. Click Save and Test to see what your message will look like in your email client. Or, click Save. You’ll be taken to the Mailings: Need Approval Page, where you can send, test, schedule, copy, or delete the content you just created.