Coupon and You™

Each “Coupon and You”™ plan runs for 12 months.

Order Now! The Dundee Internet “mailing-list” Services Inc., Terms and Conditions

Dundee Internet Services Inc., is a permission-based email service provider with the goal to assist
all size businesses, organizations and individuals to communicate with their customer’s and members.

You may:

1. Send coupons to your list members anytime during your 12 month period. The number of times you can send out a coupon campaign depends on the plan you have chosen.

2. Upgrade your service, and add 12 months to your current marketing plan. You will not incur another setup fee.

3. Send to any number of subscribers with any plan by paying an additional $0.75/1000 members per campaign. For example, send to 15,000 list members with Special Delivery for an additional $7.50 a campaign.

You may not:

1. Downgrade to a lower sending plan.

2. Carry over any unused campaigns to a new 12 month period.

3. Transfer your service to another firm, organization or individual.

4. Receive a refund for any unused campaigns

You agree:

1. All your list members are opted-in, your list is not rented, purchased or “borrowed” .

2. To pay for the entire plan ordered including a non refundable $37.50 setup fee:

  • Special Delivery ($11.25)

  • Promotional 6 ($67.50)

  • The Baker’s Dozen ($587)

3. That all coupon campaigns must be used in the year they are purchased. Any unused coupon campaign will not carry over to the next year.


You must agree that all new subscribers you add to your mailing list contain email addresses that are:
A confirmed-opt-in (sometimes referred to as ‘double-opt-in’) process; or

A paid subscription; or

A private subscription consisting only of organizational members

You must agree to include clear easy to use unsubscribe instructions in all your mailings.

Don’t continue to send email to a recipient who has opted-out of your list.

If you send adult content (i.e., sexually explicit material), use a warning label of that fact in your subject line
Please visit Dundee Internet “mailing-list” Services Acceptable Use and SPAM Policies for additional Information.