Coupon and You™

When economic times get tough, it’s simple to Keep Your Business Strong
Dundee Internet “mailing list” Services 
Anytime, Just-in-Time

“Coupon and You“™ marketing.

Coupon marketing as easy as 1..2..3..!

Choose from three yearly coupon delivery plans:

1. Special Delivery 3 coupon send plan: Only $3.75 a mailing for up to 5,000 recipients*
Great for get Em’ In The Door, limited offers, one-time clearances and grand openings.
2. Promotional 6 coupon send plan: Only $11.25 a mailing for up to 15,000 recipients*
Great for seasonal sales, promotions and Thank You discounts.
3. The Baker’s Dozen 13 coupon send plan: Only $48.75 a mailing for up to 65,000 recipients*

Great for all Holiday Specials, once a month sales, add-on sales, personalized Birthday and Anniversary discounts.

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$37 (onetime) setup fee
(*have more list members? add $0.75/1000, additional members)
(Example: Email to 6000 instead of 5000, your cost for the additional 1,000 is only $0.75)
Includes one Dundee customer designed coupon


  • Sales cycle & shopping cart abandonment tracking
  • Customer interest analysis
  • Online and offline purchase tracking & reporting
  • Refer-a-Friend functionality
  • Open detection
  • Personalize content to send targeted messages directly to your recipient(s)


  • Cost-effective and timely
  • Immediate brand recognition with colorful coupons that mirrors your website
  • Send to many or send to a select few
  • Easily email a follow-up discount coupon at checkout
  • Collect data to plan your next campaign; target specific demographics based on real-time current interests


  • Create instant “Additional Revenue”, not just more traffic to your website
  • Generate a venue for repeat business
  • Build loyalty and instill brand recognition
  • Ability to offer “local” discounts with immediate real-time results