Clickstream Tag

The Clickstream Tag allows you to create a clickstream tracking tag for your website. If you place this tag on a page in your website, and subscribers of your message click through on a tracking link  from within your mailing to that page, the click action will be recorded by ListManager™.

To create a clickstream tab go to “Utilities-Other-Action Tags-Clickstream Tag”.

Clickstream Tag Menu Option

On the screen for “Clickstream Tag” give your tag a name and click “OK” on the lower right. For example you setup a page for some sale specials you are currently offering, you could call your tag “Sale Specials”.

click ok

On the screen for “Your Tag” there will be a code displayed for you to copy and place on your website.

img source

Paste the code in the HTML section of the page you are tracking. In the screen shot below you can see where I pasted the code just below the body background tag.

html code