How to change the default "From" address

In ListManager™ when a mailing is created and sent the “From” address used is the current administrator that is logged in. These settings can be changed.

Set a new “From” address in Web Created Content. Go to “Utilities-List Settings-Web Created Content.”

web created content menu option

In the screen for “Web Created Content” set the box for “Default From” to the email you would like all new mailings sent by the list to show as the from address.

default from

Set a new “From” address in Email Submitted Content. Go to “Utilites-List Settings-Email Submitted Content.”

email submitted content

In the screen for Email Submitted Content go to “Header Rewrites.” In the box for “From” put in the email you like to show in the header for the “From” address, then click save.

header rewrite tab