Change the odds against you with 5 easy email marketing steps to help you Compete for your customer’s attention

The pressure is on to create that perfect email… can you do it?  Statistics show us that there are over 200 billion emails being sent out each day!  How can you compete for your customer’s attention and be sure that YOUR emails (maybe you just send 1 a month) are being opened and read against such daunting numbers?    Our little 5-point checklist will put you on the right track to capture and maintain the attention of your email subscriber base, even against the numerical odds.

Five-Point Email Checklist:


  1. Start at the beginning by writing a clear, understandable Subject Line, written to grab your readers interest. Subject lines are a make it or break it beginning. If you don’t have that magical Subject Line your email subscriber may not be reading your messages, because they didn’t open your email. Write short and sweet Subject Lines, with less than 50 characters.  Get personal by adding your recipient’s name so it appears that you have directed your mailing just to them. Don’t be vague about what’s in the email. Don’t talk about a 50% off sale in the Subject Line, and then discuss the new products that are not on sale in the email body.
  2. When composing a marketing email, displaying your company’s branding is a must.  Would you have a store front without your brand on it? So why should your email be any different.  Be consistent, for example, place your logo on the top of the email for each campaign. Use the same layout and design with the color scheme.  Use images that promote your brand, but don’t overload your email with graphics either, as it can distract your reader.  Your email layout and format does not have to be identical each time you create a campaign. However, the more similar elements you use your readers will recognize what you are about. Make layout and color changes gradually.  Remember your goals, entice your readers to open, read and click those links for more information.
  3. Imagery is great, so include small pictures relevant to your email. This breaks up the text instead of using images as the focal point of your message. A great example: when promoting a new book, use an image that gives the readers a sneak peak of the cover or a sample of the story.
  4. Keep on top of  social media by adding social sharing links to your emails. This makes it easy for your readers to share what they have received from you. Social media promotes your messages to those beyond your subscriber list. Plus it’s free, involves little effort, and can generate new fans and followers for your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Which will in turn these make these fans into list subscribers, ultimately customers.
  5. Be sure to include an unsubscribe link along with your privacy policy link, in a very visible, clearly marked place. It’s better to have a person unsubscribe than to mark you as a spammer which can cause bigger issues; sender credibility.  If someone wants to unsubscribe then let them, send a letter saying we are sorry to lose you but they will always be welcome back.

By: Mary Schultz