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How to Bring in More Sales Using E-mail Marketing

How to Bring in More Sales Using E-mail Marketing How to Bring In More Sales  From Your Customer Database  With Permission-Based Email Marketing Campaigns Everyone knows it is always easier to sell to your existing customers than to your potential customers. However, existing customer relationships may not automatically translate into increased sales without effective regular communications, i.e. constant contact, between you and your customers. Dundee Internet Services knows how to build ongoing relationships with your customers that will help you pull in the orders.   Here’s how: Use the most effective customizable and analytical program available.  Apply ethical and sound marketing

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Announcement lists – who needs them!

Announcement lists – who needs them!  Announcement lists: these are typically used to distribute information about a product, a service, an event or other noteworthy information. In most cases, the organization that runs the mailing list controls what information, is sent out. The process for announcement lists is similar to that for discussion lists except, only approved people are allowed to send messages to the group. This could be just you, a number of people in your organization, or specific people you choose. Frequently, with many announcement lists, you will want to “import” in bulk, a list of email addresses

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No Spam

No Spam “No Spam allowed” ~ Dundee Internet is a permission-based email service provider and as such expressly forbids the transmission of unsolicited commercial email and unsolicited bulk email. When it comes to list hosting and email deliverability we protect our customers with list hosting services for opt-in mailing lists only. For over a decade we have continued to maintain a solid relationship with the major ISP players, such as AOL, Yahoo, and MSN etc., to resolve any arising mailing issues with them, quickly and efficiently. Unwanted, unsolicited bulk email is SPAM. SPAM costs everyone money. SPAM raises the delivery

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Announcement Lists

Announcement Lists Announcement lists are a form of email communication where using a list of opted-in list subscribers list members receive information but do not interact with other list members. Announcement lists are great for: Company Newsletters Research Announcements Press Releases School Newsletters Service Bulletins Coupon Specials Media Publications Recipe Sharing Medical News Nutrition & Healthy Eating News Senior News City or Township News Product Announcements  AND so much more! Order your announcement list for your company or organization.  Visit  Dundee eMail List Services at for more information. Facebook Twitter

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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Selling your goods or services on the Internet can be cost effective, profitable, fun and a learning experience all rolled into one.  Once you have your web site up and running, the shopping cart ready to be filled, merchant accounts in order, SSL certificates in place, PayPal accounts ready to go and your competitive pricing sheet, do you sit back and wait for the search engines to list your hard work or do you proactively bring customers to your virtual door?  We all know the answer, so you engage in something called Internet marketing also know as web

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