Are You Satisfied With This Survey?

Polls or the more familiar surveys seems very popular this year. For myself I’ve taken several surveys in 2016, from products to Presidents, with multiple choice answers to fill in the blank.  I believe our history with surveys is very extensive.  Like you, I recall taking surveys in school, at work, on the telephone, and most recently on my computer and smart phone.

Surveys date back to the Babylonian era, via the census, and they continue down to this day.  Surveys are as useful today, so why shouldn’t an email marketer survey list members- they should,

To measure:

  1. Customer Satisfaction or dissatisfaction
  2. Who is thinking of unsubscribing (are they are looking at the competition?)
  3. Happiness. (What hosting features do they like, or dislike)


  1. To get specific answers
  2. To engage those “unresponsive” subscribers

There’s a lot to learn by surveying your member list. See how you’re doing, capture your member’s views and thoughts. Perhaps assist in steering your email campaigns in a different direction, or let you know if you’re right-on course.

All Dundee Internet Email list owners can create surveys right in the ListManager program. No need to go outside of Dundee Internet List hosting software to a third party and there’s no additional costs.

ListManager surveys are a great way to engage and interact with your list members. ListManager includes a survey form builder, the user can select a questionnaire that includes single, feedbackmultiple and/or open ended responses. A link to the survey can be included in any mailing, or if you prefer place the survey on your website.

After you conduct a survey with ListManager you can view and analyze the results. ListManager also allows you to segment responses from your survey. Using the dynamic segment clause wizard, you can then target those who respond to a particular question in a specified way. You can even determine to those who didn’t respond at all.

Create your own survey, with ListManager. We offer a 30 day no obligation trial, upload your list and ask those important questions. Our surveys are interactive and you can take them on a smart phone too!