Are You A Hurry Up and Get It Done Marketer?

Salty Sally sells seashells by the seashore. She also uses email marketing. She is not a hurry up and get it done email marketer. Salty Sally sends her email campaigns on a schedule. With each mailing, she puts her content in a template that mirrors her website. Because Salty Sally knows her subscriber’s preferences she sends each one relevant content, ROI increases monthly and best of all she is working with a supportive ESP.

Hand full of seashells

Manhattan Mark makes money monthly by mailing messages when the mood hits him.  He makes his content on the fly, nothing is planned, it’s just sent out.  It’s really just hit and miss therefore, his ROI is all over the map.  He’s using an entry-level ESP because it’s easy to use and cheap.

Both Manhattan Mark and Salty Sally are email marketers.   Both have a limited budget and but only one believes he doesn’t have enough time to do things right.  The fact that Mark is using an entry-level ESP, not only hindered his business potential but has made him “Market Lazy” without expectations of success beyond what he’s getting.

“Market Lazy” is just another way of saying that this is acceptable.  But is it, and should it be?

An entry-level ESP is a great way to start if you don’t want to make a commitment to use a more complex email service provider.  At first, just sending out mail, with offers seems wonderful.  You’ll get sales, but not reach the potential your emails are capable of because entry-level ESP’s have limitations

Limitations in any email service provider will hinder your sales.   Companies are looking for growth and great ROI, the results you would expect an email campaign to produce.   With an entry-level ESP, your hands are figuratively tied, limited by the marketing tools they do or don’t offer.  To be a successful email marketer, reaching the inbox could easily turn into sales or referrals if you’re given the tools to connect with your recipients

In fact, establishing a connection with your email recipient is one of the top three factors that most Chief Marketing Officers (CMO’s) consider essential in any marketing strategy along with Marketing Tools and good analytics.  An entry-level ESP may or may not support any of these three functions

Look at Manhattan Mark, for example, with an entry-level email program he is missing crucial marketing opportunities, such as building brand loyalty and increasing company ROI.  He has no way to track the email recipients who went to his website because of his email, he doesn’t know if the visitor just found his website or they purchased that multi-color maxi dress because they were referred by a friend who received an email offer.  He’s missing so much opportunity

Mike may think he’s got a good deal using an entry-level system, but the trade-off may be more expensive than the savings.   Mark may not realize how important it is to transform the members on his list to engaged list members, paving the way for one-on-one conversations.  Most customers expect the attention and the personalization an above entry-level ESP offers their list owners

Entry-level ESP’s hinders marketing growth, as for the most part, those type of programs disregards customer behavior, such as personalization or triggered responses, which can’t be used, and there’s no easy way to know and set their preferences. 

So be like Sally not like Mark and use advantaged email list services that:

Provides complete, personalized assistance
Supports a Welcome Series for new customers
Nurtures and Engages your list members
Automate your follow-ups with Triggers and Transactional messages
Segments made with a wizard using collected demographics
Mobile friendly
Detailed analytics about campaign performance
Easy re-engagement

Manhattan Mark after reading this decides it all sounds great, but he has limited resources, only 3 people in his department, and no one has time to learn a new system.  Sally who is using Mailing List Services by Dundee, is only one person, she works alone and in light of everything, is a more successful marketer

If you find you’re a Manhattan Mark and want to upgrade your email list services, give us a call and we will match the current cost of your current ESP.  Experience growth and more control of our digital marketing with Dundee guaranteed