The approval menu is divided into three subsections designed to view and approve mailings:

  • Need Approval
  • Approval Wizard
  • Approval Summary The “Need Approval” screen will show you all mailings which are pending your
  • Approval to be sent.
approval, need approval

Once on the “Need Approval” screen you have the option to Send the Mailing, Test the Mailing, Schedule the Mailing, Copy the Mail to another list or Delete the Mailing.

mailing options

The “Approval Wizard”

mailings, approval, approval wizard

In the “Approval Wizard” tab you can edit your newsletter email under the message tab.

approval message tab

Under the “Recipients” tab you can set other options such as the number to send to
and choose a suppression list.

need approval recipients tab

Number of Recipients to Send To:

You can put in a number of recipients to send to. If left blank, all the recipients in the selected lists and subsets will be sent to. To send to a limited number of recipients (for a sample, for example), enter a number here.

If you’ve already selected the number of recipients to be sent to when creating your mailing, that number will be shown here.

Suppression List:

Lyris ListManager™ can suppress, or exclude, a list of email addresses from receiving this particular mailing.

To suppress a list of email addresses, click choose file. You will be taken to the Mailings: Choose Suppression List page, where you may specify the suppression list file.

The file must be plain-text, with one email address per line.

Under the “Tracking” tab you can choose to track opens, detect HTML and track all URL’s or choose for it to be part of a campaign.

need approval tracking tab


Once you have created a new mailing you have the option to schedule it to automatically send on a special date and time. To view any scheduled mailing you have to click on “Mailings-Scheduled”

mailings, scheduled

Once you are in the scheduled screen you can choose to test your mailing, send it or reschedule it.

reschedule links

You may also click on “Copy” and your schedule mailing will be copied. You can then edit it and reschedule it to be sent out at a different time or date.

copy mailing