Announcement lists: these are typically used to distribute information about a product, a service, an event or other noteworthy information. In most cases, the organization that runs the mailing list controls what information, is sent out. The process for announcement lists is similar to that for discussion lists except, only approved people are allowed to send messages to the group. This could be just you, a number of people in your organization, or specific people you choose. Frequently, with many announcement lists, you will want to “import” in bulk, a list of email addresses who should be members of the mailing list. Dundee Internet Services, Inc using our list software, Lyris will also do this for you.

Announcement lists includes newsletters or e-zines, press releases, alerts, greetings, and a host of other one way communication scenarios.  Some Dundee Internet Services, Inc customers use announcement lists to send reminders, appointments, birthday greetings, Christmas greetings, electronic post card sale reminders and, coupons.  In one case a sale post card was so responsive with her customers; she increased sales by over 50% per quarter!

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