Adding Attachments

In Lyris ListManager™ you can attach a file to the content you are creating or editing. Log into your account, in the navigation bar to the left click on “Content”. You can either create new content or add to content already created. In the example below we are going to choose the view content we have already created and add an attachment.

In the left navigation menu click “Content-View Content”.

content, view content menu option

When the new screen opens for “View Content” you can either click on the name of your content on the left or click on edit on the right.

edit link

In the “Edit Content” screen click on the “Advanced” tab.

edit, edvanced tab

In the screen for the “Advanced” tab click on the “Attach File” button.

add attchment button

In the attach file screen click the “Browse” button.


Clicking on the “Browse” button will open up the file upload window so you can browse your computer for the file you want to attach.

select file

Once you have browsed your computer and found your file, you can then click “Attach”.

attach button

After you click on “Attach” you will still be in the screen for the “Advanced” tab showing you the file has been attached. You can then click on the “Save or Create Mailing” button.

If you would like to edit your content just click on the “HTML Message” tab.

attachment link