Accessing Discussion Forums

Lyris ListManager™ features a discussion forum interface that allows you to subscribe to individual lists by using an email and password combination. You can interact with the discussions via two ways.

1. Logging in through your browser

To access the discussion forum through your web browser you just need to open a browser window and type in the address to the discussion forum you would like to participate in. The ListManager™ administrator can provide you with the URL.

Two examples of a typical URL are as follows:



When you go to the forum URL you will see an interface where you will be able to view previous discussions. You will need to login by clicking on the “Not Logged in” link to the right as shown below.


messages list

The next screen will be the email login screen. You need to type in the email address that was used when you signed up for the forum subscription. Now click OK.

login email address

 The next screen will be the password window.

add password field

If you forgot your password or typed it incorrectly then you will be prompted to have your password emailed to you or to try again.

forgot password prompt

2. Sending an email to the list

If you prefer to use your email client to reply to the discussion forum there are two possible email commands that can be used. It depends how the list was setup.



Site Admins:

Site and server administrators have access to see and read all messages in the discussion forum interface. However, to post messages, they too must first join the list as a member.