5 Reasons Why Your Purchased List Might Suck More Than You Think

  1. You may end up paying for duplicate services, as one ESP may not just be enough to get the results you want or expected.  And then when you do get duplicate services the results still suck.
  2. Buying several domains to send from can be expensive.
  3. Switching IP addresses and staring all over again will not guarantee a good delivery rate.
  4. Does a purchased list fit into my marketing plan?

    Does a purchased list fit into my marketing plan?

    Spending money on a list hygiene company will not take a purchased bad list and magically create a purchased good list.

  5. The majority of your emails will either be blocked or sent to the SPAM Box

I’ve read blogs that support the practice of purchasing email marketing lists from reputable list brokers.   Granted these blogs are written by someone in the “said “company who is in the business of selling lists. Their logic is good, but the results aren’t, as these legitimate “lists” normally guarantee a 3% or at most a 5% open rate. (And that’s out of thousands of email addresses.)   Purchasing an email list, probably will increase your site traffic a bit, but only you can decide if the cost is worth it.

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