5 Quick Tips To Overcome Subscriber Lethargy – Easy To Catch but Difficult To Cure

List Fatigue is the state of an email list that has gone stale. It produces less and less returns from mailings because the list members received either too many offers or the same offers, too many times  List Fatigue  members become disinterested, inactive, and disengaged.

Combat this issue by:

  1. Regularly adding new (opted in) subscribers
  2. Re-energize you old list members with re-engagement tactics
  3. Keep your content interesting
  4. Send relevant messages using triggered email
  5. Compose your Subject Line with a goal in mind

In conclusion: Do not fall into the trap believing that List Fatigue happens to someone else – it could happen to you.  Be proactive, make one of your goals an established target list growth rate while decreasing the proportion of inactive subscribers. Contact Dundee Internet for more information.

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