4 Things To Think About Before You Reopen Your Small Business

So many things going on since the beginning of 2020.    A pandemic that created lockdowns and toilet paper shortages, killer bees causing concern, riots bringing fear. 

Most business owners were affected in one way or another by the pandemic.  If your business has been closed and your employees laid off, what should you look for and do before you reopen because in most cases business as we know has changed.


First and foremost buying priorities are different.  Customers now gravitate toward health and safety above all else, followed by financial concerns.  Are the products or services you sell offer health, safety or financial stability? If not, and most of us do not, how do you convey concern for your customers wellbeing?  Have you kept in touch with them, and more importantly let them know you’re still in business?  The best way to continue to do that is a mailing list service with dundee.net  

Do you have it in stock?

Stocked ShelvesEveryone is affected by these recent events, including the suppliers that you count on to deliver goods and raw materials to your business.  In some states, closed meat processing plants has triggered a glut of cows, raising the cost of beef to unheard of prices.   Will the change in the supply chain that you use have an adverse effect on your business?  Consider the adjustment you may have to make to continue receiving product.  

Working for a living.

RecruitmentCalling employees back to work may be easy, but don’t expect everyone to be on top of their game when they return.  Issues may exist that weren’t there before, such as new obligations and personal issues.  As an employer you may find you have to retrain your workers, not only in their jobs but in any new care and health procedures you may have implemented.  How did you keep in touch with your employees while they were home?  Will they be surprised by the new procedures or did you use a mailing list from dundee.net to keep in touch?  It’s never too late to start that conversation.


How has this employee/employer separation changed the way you look at things?   As a business owner do you still have the same priorities you had before the lock down.   Has the stress of the situations discouraged you, or pumped you up to do better and challenge your ability as an entrepreneur?Goals MetReview your business goals, your financial situation, the marketing and business plans.   Concentrate on your customers, suppliers and employees, the life blood of your company.  To reengage with your “team” use email, make it personal, tell them the plan and keep them informed.

Look for our next Blog on customer reengagement using email marketing.