4 E-mail Marketing Mistakes You Don’t Know Your Making

There are Email Marketers who seem to get better results than the rest of their peers.  They know what to avoid mistakeand what their subscribers like and dislike. By sending emails that comply with the known best email practices they continue to get the responses every e-mail marketer hopes for.

Here are 4 ways to capitalize on their knowledge:

  1. When someone signs up to receive your email, email them right away (besides your welcome letter); they expect it. If your campaigns go out that day, make sure your new subscriber is on that list.
  2. Begin your messages with your intended offer.  Don’t drag on and on until the very end.
  3. Do not ask personal questions beyond a name and email address when someone first signs up to your newsletter, leave that option open with a link to a profile page: when they are ready they will fill it out.
  4. Do not tell them what to do, at least not several times.  Remind them to whitelist your address once, then leave that reminder in the footer.

“Your tech support was awesome.”
Luci, Foot and Ankle Association

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