3 reasons to use an ESP when your newly redesigned website stalls

Have you redesigned your web site with a renewed focus on e-commerce to increase your ROI? –  But that doesn’t seem to be happening. In fact, web traffic is down and purchases are way below par. The solution, use an ESP like Dundee Internet List hosting services to provide you with the tools you need to  connect with your customers on a regular basis.  Tools that will:

  1. Improve your click-through rates, increase your ROI
  2. Achieve a higher customer retention rate by sending targeted, personalized emails
  3. Protect email deliverability by managing feedback loops, ISP blocks and bandwidth issues.

Dundee Internet Lyris ListManager ™ hosting solutions: CREATE – SHARE – GROW

Ask about our multiple list owner packages.  It’s like having your own email list in-house server

“Well, the list has been a success; the Executive Director is ready to add a second list”
Douglas P., Webmaster, Women’s Dermatologic Society


user with a questionQUESTION:  What tools do you use  to  connect with your customers on a regular basis?  Please share your thoughts here.